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OctOSR Announcment

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The last few weeks have been interesting, I’ve been involved in the excellent No Artpunk II contest, ran by Prince of Nothing (more here). While I don’t expect to actually win the contest, I’m happy for the feedback. There are some extremely good entries this year, and I honored to even be able to compete against them. However, as an unintended consequence of this I learned that the excellent Bryce of TenFootPole actually reviewed my first ever adventure, Wavestone Keep, and eviscerated it completely. In fact, he ran a design contest in it’s dishonor. In light of learning about this, and with OctOSR launching, I am going to use the month to rectify some of the issues present in the original, and produce shall we say a definitive edition. I

I am also blatantly using this as an exscuse to spend more time writing on the blog, Several sessions have passed in both the Hyperborea game and my homebrew game, so updates are in order. All of this will be under the umbrella of OctOSR.

Well that’s all for now, Sail On readers!


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