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Half Celestial

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This is a quick write up of my custom Half-Celestial race for the Tomespire setting. The Race as Class version will be coming in a later post after I figure out the XP and a few extra goodies.

Half Celestial

Requirements - Minimum CON 9
Ability Modifiers: +2 CON, +1 DEX or STR

Available Classes and Levels:
Acrobat: 10th
Bard: 10th
Cleric: 14th
Magic-User: 8th
Fighter: 8th
Paladin: 8th

Immune To Diseases

Divine Appearance

All half-celestials show some traces of their divine heritage. Roll Twice on the divine features chart

Divine Features
1 Golden Eyes
2 Silver/Gold/Pearl Tinged Skin
3 Platinum Hair
4 Permanent Cherub Wings (non functional)
5 Gemstone Fingernails
6 Halo/Aura
7 Voice echoes with divine music
8 Divine grace when walking
Divine Gifts

Miracles linger in a half-celestial’s blood. Roll twice on the divine gifts chart.

Divine Features
1 Turn undead as a cleric of equal level (allows for 2 attempts if cleric class is chosen)
2 Cast Bless 1x a Day
3 Cast cure X wounds 1x a Day (Light: levels 1-5, Serious: levels 6+)
4 Cast Neutralize Poison 1x a Day
5 Immune to Poison
6 Immune to Charm/Dominate Person
7 Grant self and allies within 10ft +1 AC Bonus and +1 saves against evil creatures
8 Cast self on Ally(not self) 1x a Day
After reaching level 5

Gain the Ability to manifest divine wings, granted flight speed equal to the half-celestial’s base movement speed. These wings may only be sustained for two turns before requiring the celestial to land and let their wings rest for 4 turns. The number of turns before needing a rest increased by one every 2 levels.

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