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Dungeon23 Day One

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Day One of Dungeon 23, so here is my room. First, the hand drawn and written versions, then the digital ones.

Room Description
Room Drawing

If your eyes have not bled out after seeing that, here is a typed description and digital rendering(NOTE: I won’t always make a digital rendering, it will just be as time allows). You can see it does not have doors, this is on purpose, you can read why here.

Room Digital

Shrine to the Forgotten Leviathan

This room is a small chapel, with walls made of aged, carved cedar. The eastern wall depicts a pitched battle between a coalition consisting of humans and demihumans, versus a writhing mass of thorns. The western wall depicts pastoral scenes. The statues in the center is a wall of thorns that taper into roses.

  • Two Acolytes. They each know “Entangle” and are armed with wooden clubs.
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