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Dungeon23 Day Four

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Dungeon23 Day Four:

Wanted to add something a little mechanical to mess with today, and try my hand at drawing something more interesting than just a box or star. So I recycled something I used in No Artpunk II, natural gas pipe works. In this case it’s simply moving it outside instead of somewhere more interesting. This will likely be the entrance from outside, a water gushing out of a cave sounds like a neat set piece.

As a side note, I think I am starting to come up with some factions for this level, that being the Forgotten Leviathan worshippers, who are actually a nature cult, and the Clockwork Company, a mercantile company that’s come here to extract some sort of resource, as of yet determined. Should make for a nice Nature vs Machinery vibe on this first level.

Sail On
- Shock

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