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B2 Campaign Session "Zero:" The Ship

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The ship was weird, there was no doubt about that. They had come across it two days into their seven day journey from the port of Falsmouth, to King’s Grasp Island. The spotter in the crows nest had spied the old frigate, listing aimlessly in the open ocean and called down to the captain. The captain decided that since he had two adventurers on board, he might as well put them to work, and pulled along side the hulk, and roused them from below deck.

Garth Gleamshot, a disgraced noble, and Gornad of the Fiery Caves a dwarf from the sea mines in the northern sea; stepped onto the creaking, arcane symbol covered ship. They shared a glance, shouldered their gear and began exploring the upper deck.

“Beardless, I do believe this ship be not moving. Neither with the surf or wind. Aye, the sails be dead, while the wind yet howls.” growled Gornad, “It be strange and not comforting at all”.

“It is strange, dwarf, let’s investigate the sails a little closer before we venture deeper in.”

They walked over to the sails, and cut out a square patch from the main sail. As the last thread was sliced off, the patch began to flutter as if it had been imprisoned and relished its newfound freedom.

“Odd indeed, I suspect these arcane runes are to blame. I know nothing about the arcane, but it contains the glyphs for flight in dragonic. Let’s descend into the bowels know and take a look.”

They trudged into the lowest levels of the ship, finding nothing but a broken arcane lab, and the skeleton of a spellcaster wearing an expensive robe. Garth, looking to help cushion their lodging and living expenses once they reached the fort, removed the robe and placed it in his bag. While doing so, he dislodged the bare skull.

“Hold, there be something inside the skull!” Gornad brought his warhammer down with a hearty crack, smashing the skull open. A note written on parchment fluttered out.

		Your research is a waste, and you have disgraced our
		order. You will never amount to anything, and killing
		you is the best for all involved. May this note find
		you in the afterlife.

“Strange, is this a human custom?” inquired Gornad “Nay, at least not one I have heard of” Replied the nobleman “Perhaps it some caster foolishness. In either case, it is time we take our leave. There is nothing else we can learn here.”

They returned to their transport, the HMS Royal Orc, and reported their findings to the captain. Who agreed that it was best left alone until an arcane scholar could be sent from the Glass Tower to inspect the ship and spell woven upon it. They were underway only half a day before the next mystery appeared, jutting from the sea like an accusatory finger.

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