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Chexi letter one

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I know it has been a few weeks since I left Calencia with those strangers who
visited in search of the amphora that drove Lindin mad. How are things back
home? Is Inga still sticking her nose in everyone’s business under the pretext
of oracle work? Have there been any other strangers in town? I trust you are
doing well, probably worrying needlessly about my marital status again. I hope
to return to Calencia before the year’s end, hopefully with much increased wealth.
Adventuring certainly has benefits over temple work and the occasional trip with
the woodcutters. The effectiveness of my prayers has grown ten fold since I
left, perhaps the monks will take clerical work more seriously upon my return.

I supposed I should give a few more details about my traveling companions, now
that we’ve been traveling together for a time. Firstly, the young paladin
of Yoon’deh Konrad. He’s quite the lad, and in much the same position as me.
He’s the only Yoon’deh paladin as far as he knows, and it makes getting training
quite difficult. He’s an earnest boy, even if he has a bit of a temper issue,
and a steadfast ally in a scrape. Secondly, the old Hyperborean, Tenbo. Despite his use
of that foul Ixian magic, necromancy, he is also an execellent ally, and indeed
even a friend. He’s quite a bit older than the rest of the group and brings a
type of experience that only years can bestow. Perhaps a little too callous with
regards to proper handling of remains, and extremely curious. He carries himself
like a man of the sciences, always making notes of events and the effects of
spells and potions. As such, he is always interested in the animal lore I have
picked up over the years. Then there is Kirious, the witch boy. He and Konrad are
childhood acquaintances, though Kirious has none of Konrad’s deportment. While he
is extremely focused and efficient while we are in some ruin or cave, and has
saved our group many times already with his magic, his behavior in town is
reprehensible. He stumbles around drunk, from alehouse to whorehouse and back,
with no regard for how his actions reflect on the rest of us. It is quite
shocking that Konrad puts up with it honestly. The Eskimo Magician I must confess I know
little about, she is quiet and reserved. Galene is her name, but there
is little else for me to say.The final member of this group is a thief by the
name of Senorix. I believe he will be the one to get us all killed, and he has
already benefited from the miracle of resurrection once. That tale needs telling
but first you must learn how we have fared these last few weeks.

After recovering the Amphora from the ruined Apollo Lindin was residing in, and
bidding you and my fellow clergy farewell, I was rowed out to a ship in the
harbor to meet the group’s contact. This man, Vol Kautu, was searching for
green gems. These gems had similar properties to the Amphora, and there was
rumored to be a large cache of them in the Diamond Desert. He agreed to allow me
to join the crew at the standard rate, with a share of any treasure recovered
other than the gems. The trek across the desert was difficult, and we harried by
misfortune and specters all the way. Eventually, we reached the remains of a
viking ship called Ymir’s Serpent. This ship was infested by fire beetles (we
were sure to collect their urine glands for their age-reducing qualities). Once
we gained entry, we found that the ship contained another secret. It was resting
upon a mine in the desert. The mine was treacherous, full of the walking dead.
These gave off a foul rotting aura that would cause a man to become gravely ill
and eventually rot away. We were only able to conquer through prayer, grit, and
a healthy collection of potions and magic items my companions had found
previously. We located a secret laboratory and interrogated the souls who had
been cursed to remain imprisoned as undead there. They told us of a wizard and
his beastly servant deeper in the mine. Duly warned, we were able to find the
beast and slay it with little trouble. The slaying was aided by a Tenbo playing
a trick on the creature and transfiguring himself to look like its late master.
Sadly, Senorix was killed by a trap one night, as he looked for loot unbeknownst
to the rest of us. We were able to preserve his skeleton, for burial. Tenbo was instrumental
in this effort as well, although his original aim was to preserve the bones for
necromantic experimentation and spell weaving. Konrad set him straight on the

The mine yielded yet another surprise, a sky ship of Amazonian make. It appeared
to run on those green gems that Vol was after, and had a few in what we assume
is some sort of fuel compartment, like a lantern. We invited Vol down to view
his spoils, and gave him a cache of gems we had located earlier. However, in our
haste to restore the ship and divine its functions, we activated some sort of
“jump” or “leap” and found ourselves miles away from the mine, Vol left behind.
Upon viewing our surroundings we were initially relieved, as we were still in a
desert region. However, upon further inspection we were no longer located in the
Diamond Desert at all, and were instead near the city of Xambala in the Zakath!
We had travelled nearly the breadth of Hyperborea itself! The locals were
honestly quite kind, welcoming us into a small caravanserai. There we learned of
the vicious Anthropophagi, who terrorized the town at night. The following days
were hectic, with us talking to the two churches in the town and accepting a
quest to deal with the Anthropophagi, in exchange for gold and fuel for the
ship. During this interim, we chanced upon a druid who agreed to attempt
resurection upon Senorix in exchange for us freeing a great cat from some form
of death sport. Thus agreed, we carried out our end by trickery, and the druid
was able to bring Senorix back. Albeit, as a fish-man. It is unclear if this is
a boon or a bane from Kraken, but time will tell.

This letter grow long enough, and tomorrow we are meeting with the local slave
populace who stay on the outskirts to attempt to learn more about these
Anthropophagi. They are the most affected, and I hope to ease their burdens in
some way while I am here. I hope this letter finds you well.

May Kraken’s eye pass blindly over you,

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