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Chexi Letter Two

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I hope this letter finds you well. The months since my last letter have passed quickly for me, though I am sure they have been slow for you and the rest of Calencia. Perhaps I shall be able to make the trip back home soon, it would be good to see everyone again. I hope to have a semi permanent address soon, that you may write back to tell me of happenings back home. I shall send that along in a letter once it happens.

Our travails in Xambala were a success. The Anthropophagi were simply the lowest cast of an insidious snake cult. Clearing out their temple was another matter, and doing so was great deal of trouble. While undertaking it, both Konrad and I were ensnared by a pig demons foul sorcery. Were it not for the quick thinking of my other companions, I likely would be in the bowels of underborea moulding away as a corpse. I was also nearly stuck down by a giant water serpent; however Konrad’s healing touch was able to bring me back from the brink. I had the last laugh however, and carved a flute out of one of its fangs. In this complex I have acquired a handsome bejeweled short sword. It cuts more cleanly and accurately than even my trusty spear, and I’m sure I’ve never seen it’s equal. There was also a friendly friendly toad witch who we chanced to meet, she offered me some wine much like Inga sometimes makes. Not quite as strong as Inga’s and I was able to avoid the usual side effects.

After leaving, we assured the priests of both local churches, one to Rell and one to Helios, that the Anthropophagi would no longer be an issue. Tenbo also bought an apprentice from the local slavers, after assurances to me that she would be an apprentice, not a slave. At least we were able to help one long term, I doubt the rations we provided to the main camp will last long. Our deal with the Rellians complete, they supplied us with payment in the form of gold and more fuel for the ship. We took our leave and headed across the ocean to the grand city of Khromarium.

I was immediately disgusted by Khromarium, it is every bit the dingy dirty sprawl people in Calencia say it is. Our employer Tull is a man suited to the city. He behaves like any huckster from the city, though he is much more dangerous. His danger is clearly displayed by him walking around with two imposing Amazonian guards. Once we landed, he took our ship into his own personal docking house against our will. While he is allowing us to inspect and access it currently, he has the only key so to speak. I do not like or trust him, but my companions seem to. He asked to meet him at the Silvery Eel, a small tavern on the docks that the group had helped out in the past, though we lodged at a quaint place called Earthome. Earthome was home to a number of strange oddities and even stranger delicacies, it has proven to be quite a bright spot in this town. Perhaps my mind will be more at ease once I visit the Kraken temple here, it looks quite grand from the exterior. Apologies, my mind wanders strangely in this town, back to the main point,

Tull wanted us to travel into the Lug Wasteland, a particularly foul swampland to the east and rescue a lost group of adventurers. For this task he sent us one of his “professionals” and lent us a “ray-gun(?)” which was a metal device he claimed was of Atlantean make, that fired a blast of freezing energy. We set off into the wastes and after a week of hard travel came to the object of our search, a building by the name of Kraggoth Manor.

Infiltrating the manor was no small feat, and required us defeating a tribe of Ape-men, though ones much meaner and tougher than the small groups near Calencia. After doing so, we were invited in by a singularly striking woman who seemed to be a servant of the lord of the manor. Though her speech was strange. She had a large wolf companion who made me nervous. Once inside, Galene was attacked by a creature in the waste pit but survived, and we were set upon by a group of men with weapons. Honestly, the manor was a difficult place for me to focus, and the details are blurred in my mind. I know we met with the lady of the manor and with the lord. They were both some sort of being not from the face of Hyperborea. The lady was part plant, and the lord was some sort of disembodied spirit. My confusion grew deeper once we reached the basement and destroyed a pair of metal coffins, and laid the bones of a restless young girl to rest. Upon trying to exit, Senorix impaled himself on a spike growth made by the lady of the manor, and one of our number touched a skull, causing an explosion that killed the professional man and Galene. While I buried the two bodies, having save Senorix’s finger for a burial at sea, Tenbo killed the lady of the manor with the ray gun and a wand of his own. In all of this, we discovered that the men who attacked were the group we had come to save. The striking woman at the door was part of their group. They had been ensorcelled, and all were slain by the time we came out of the manor. The large wolf’s body was used to block our exit out the main stairs.

After the burials and our revenge on the lord and lady, we travelled back to the city. I put Senorix’s finger out to sea and held a small service. The man Tull interupted the serivce demanding information about our quest and his ray gun. We informed him about the death of his man and told him the Ray gun was broken (Tenbo said this, though I’m not sure that’s true). Tull took this with sullen silence. We regrouped later on

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