Session Recap
Tomespire Session 2: Cold Reality
· ☕ 9 min read
Dramatis Personae Nemyt: Half-Celestial Bard Vexis: Elven Magic User Elbmes: Human Paladin Cheetah: Tiefling Magic User (played by a very young child who likes cats) After obtaining the word of the Doppelganger, who insisted on being called “Meg” for some inscrutable reason, the group turned to backtrack, on Meg’s words that both doors in room were impossible to open. In doing so, the elf and bard noticed four diminutive humanoid heat outlines lurking just outside the reach of the torchlight.

Tomespire Session 1: Welcome to Tomespire
· ☕ 12 min read
Rules and Setting Overview This setting sprang from my IRL group’s desire to play a game with the following qualities: Be more based on fulfilling contracts and hunting monsters, rather than direct Gold for XP Have a higher power level than the average OSR style game Lot’s of room for political and city intrigue. My players are generally good sports, and have played a few mudcore games at my behest, so I figured I would throw them a bone.

B2 Campaign Session One: Shadow Tower
· ☕ 7 min read
And there it was, a stone tower jutting crookedly from a small sandbar. The captain swore under his breath and called for a full stop alongside, once again planning to put the adventurers in his care to use. He had a bad feeling about this, as the tower was new, and new things in the ocean were invariably bad news. This tower appeared to have once been part of a larger structure, snapped off and placed ungracefully upon the sandbar.

B2 Campaign Session "Zero:" The Ship
· ☕ 3 min read
The ship was weird, there was no doubt about that. They had come across it two days into their seven day journey from the port of Falsmouth, to King’s Grasp Island. The spotter in the crows nest had spied the old frigate, listing aimlessly in the open ocean and called down to the captain. The captain decided that since he had two adventurers on board, he might as well put them to work, and pulled along side the hulk, and roused them from below deck.