Home brewery vs Failed Game Designer Syndrome
· ☕ 7 min read
In a continuation from my last post let’s discuss from whence home brewery arises and why. As stated there, games (and their rules) offer certain play experiences. This is a combination of their explicit offer that is used to sell the game and the implicit offer, which is what the game actually delivers at the table when played rules as written. In a perfect world, these are in harmony but that doesn’t always happen.

Dungeon23 Preemptive Thoughts
· ☕ 5 min read
So I have decided to partake in the Dungeon 23 project (learn more here). However, I do have some preemptive thoughts about the project as a whole and what I plan to get out of it. The project states that by the end of this year, any participant who finishes it will have created a twelve level mega-dungeon with 365 rooms. This is a noble goal and well worth attempting, however, I feel that the challenge as written will not produce gameable content very consistently.