Tomespire Session 2: Cold Reality
· ☕ 9 min read
Dramatis Personae Nemyt: Half-Celestial Bard Vexis: Elven Magic User Elbmes: Human Paladin Cheetah: Tiefling Magic User (played by a very young child who likes cats) After obtaining the word of the Doppelganger, who insisted on being called “Meg” for some inscrutable reason, the group turned to backtrack, on Meg’s words that both doors in room were impossible to open. In doing so, the elf and bard noticed four diminutive humanoid heat outlines lurking just outside the reach of the torchlight.

Tomespire Session 1: Welcome to Tomespire
· ☕ 12 min read
Rules and Setting Overview This setting sprang from my IRL group’s desire to play a game with the following qualities: Be more based on fulfilling contracts and hunting monsters, rather than direct Gold for XP Have a higher power level than the average OSR style game Lot’s of room for political and city intrigue. My players are generally good sports, and have played a few mudcore games at my behest, so I figured I would throw them a bone.

Half Celestial
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This is a quick write up of my custom Half-Celestial race for the Tomespire setting. The Race as Class version will be coming in a later post after I figure out the XP and a few extra goodies. Half Celestial Requirements - Minimum CON 9 Ability Modifiers: +2 CON, +1 DEX or STR Available Classes and Levels: Acrobat: 10th Bard: 10th Cleric: 14th Magic-User: 8th Fighter: 8th Paladin: 8th Abilities:

Gems and Jewellery
· ☕ 10 min read
A Pirate’s Booty In my home games, often like to have my hordes consist primarily of gems and jewellery. In my opinion, this adds to the feeling of piracy. Instead of mounds and mounds of Doubloons, players get crowns and necklaces and rings, which they must sell to a fence of otherwise utilize to gain that sweet sweet experience. Plus, in any good schlock pirate media, the chests they open wont be primarily gold pieces, there’s going to be a large amount of gems and jewellery in there.

Dungeon23 Day Four
· ☕ 1 min read
Dungeon23 Day Four: Wanted to add something a little mechanical to mess with today, and try my hand at drawing something more interesting than just a box or star. So I recycled something I used in No Artpunk II, natural gas pipe works. In this case it’s simply moving it outside instead of somewhere more interesting. This will likely be the entrance from outside, a water gushing out of a cave sounds like a neat set piece.

Dungeon23 Day Two
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Day Two of Dungeon 23, just the digital version today!

Dungeon23 Day One
· ☕ 1 min read
Day One of Dungeon 23, so here is my room. First, the hand drawn and written versions, then the digital ones. If your eyes have not bled out after seeing that, here is a typed description and digital rendering(NOTE: I won’t always make a digital rendering, it will just be as time allows). You can see it does not have doors, this is on purpose, you can read why here.

Dungeon23 Preemptive Thoughts
· ☕ 5 min read
So I have decided to partake in the Dungeon 23 project (learn more here). However, I do have some preemptive thoughts about the project as a whole and what I plan to get out of it. The project states that by the end of this year, any participant who finishes it will have created a twelve level mega-dungeon with 365 rooms. This is a noble goal and well worth attempting, however, I feel that the challenge as written will not produce gameable content very consistently.

Comments Launched
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Comments are live! I finally found a commenting software that strikes a balance between ease of use and privacy to my users. The software is commento. I am using a self-hosted instance, which means your comments will only ever been seen by me on the backend.

Chexi Letter Two
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Mother, I hope this letter finds you well. The months since my last letter have passed quickly for me, though I am sure they have been slow for you and the rest of Calencia. Perhaps I shall be able to make the trip back home soon, it would be good to see everyone again. I hope to have a semi permanent address soon, that you may write back to tell me of happenings back home.

Wavestone Keep Rewrite Step Two
· ☕ 12 min read
The original map I created for Wavestone Keep certainly isn’t great. The main issue is that it had absolutely no distinction between levels, which lead to it feeling more like a single level of natural caves, as opposed to a crudely carved hideout below and open air areas above. Secondly, the layout is sort of ludicrous. Both of these things I chalk up to inexperience. There is a large difference in designing adventures for my usual players and making dungeons that are fit for wider consumption.